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Miscellaneous Friends
by Peter Donahue and Robin Nelson Wicks

Miscellaneous Friends is an art/text collaboration between myself and Spokane artist Robin Nelson Wicks. It's an eccentric, quasi-autobiographical collection of portraits and profiles of real and imaginary friends. Some of the friends are extraordinary and some quite ordinary, yet all have a touch (or more) of the peculiar about them. Together they form a multifarious miscellany that gives testimony to the enduring, often moving, always unaccountable oddness of friendship. The collection includes a Preface on the collaboration between me and Robin, and an Introduction in which the speaker-persona muses on the nature of friendship. Most of the pieces are set in the Seattle or San Francisco Bay area, with a few sprinkled elsewhere.

Miscellaneous Friends will appeal to anyone who’s ever experienced friendship. It will also appeal to anyone with a creative, idiosyncratic streak in them—and a love of people. It’s an unusual book in both its concept and content, and has no comparators that we can find. The profiles range from 150-200 words each, and the portraits are 8 ½ x 11 oil paintings. We believe the book—perhaps 6-1/4 x 8-1/4, about 110 pages, image and text on facing pages—will also be a great gift item. Select profiles and portraits have appeared in Peach Mag and FORTH Magazine. We’re confident that once you read one or two of the profiles, you’ll want to read them all.


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