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Published by Ooligan Press, Portland, Oregon, May 2018


"Peter Donahue has produced a rare animal: three stories that flourish as separate novels and also succeed as a single book. He deftly details a brooding, primitive coastline, a juvenile detention center, and the modern I-5 corridor. In these landscapes are genuine souls—strange, hopeful, sometimes tragic—rendered with a remarkable honesty and care, who struggle for nobility in thoroughly compelling narratives."  — Bruce Holbert, author of Lonesome Animals, The Hour of Lead, and Whiskey

"There is much to admire in Three Sides Water, much to see, and much to experience. Donahue takes us from wild, rocky beaches to deep, dark woods and back again as his varied characters try to get along with their lives in a countryside as beautifully described as it is physically challenging. Like a trip around the peninsula, Three Sides Water is consistently surprising and always engaging, because you never know what you might experience next or what form it might take." — Lance Weller, author of Wilderness

Peter Donahue's Three Sides Water pulls you in subtly through a rich cast of disparate characters who are all part of the Olympic Peninsula's culture and landscape. Filled with heartbreak, loss, and healing, these three short novels spanning the last century address what it means to be truly authentic to self." — Ashley Sweeney, author of Eliza Waite, winner of the Nancy Pearl Award

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